Startups Face Access Control

NPR 21,600.00

Standard access control features:
1. Latest face recognition algorithm:
2. Genuine outdoor fitness
3. 7 x 24 continuous working
4. Stable performance, low energy consumption
5. Easy to use, friendly user interface:
6. Multiple recognition modes supported: Face & Card
7. Self-studying intelligence:
8. Huge storage capacity, USB backup supported:


About the product
1. It is a special face recognition product designed for the enterprises and institutions requiring offline access control and attendance management.
2. It uses the face recognition algorithm that we own its full independent intellectual property rights.
3. The product is characterized with fast recognition, high accuracy and without influence of environmental brightness.
4. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT color screen, a delicate structure but no mechanical keyboards.
5. The names are broadcasted in Chinese which facilitates to more friendly and intuitive human-computer interaction.
6. The access control and attendance can be completed in a non-contacted, convenient, sanitary and quick manner.
7. Due to its TCP / IP communication and U-disk upload and download function, it is very suitable for access control and attendance management of enterprises and institutions.


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