3 in 1 Electric Hydraulic Lifting Jack

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3 in 1 Electric Hydraulic Lifting Jack

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Features :

The 12V DC Automatic Electric Car Repair Tool Kit is worth having for emergency roadside tire change and repair.

Cross groove saddle prevent slipping from vehicle.

Rotating threaded rod can be spin out, makes cross groove saddle closer to lifting point.

In case of the power has been disconnected, self-locking power structure and safety unloading knob prevent jack from falling and will not come down immediately.

When re-connecting the power, jack will go on working in accordance with the instruction, or using the safety valve manually to fall. LED lamp on jack can be used as flashlight


Capacity (Load):1-10T
Max Height:360mm(14.2″)
Min Height:135mm(5.3″)
Rated power:150W
Operating Voltage:DC12V
Max.Loading Car Weight:5T
Lifting range:135-360mm(5.3″-14.2″)
Power Cable:3.5m(137.8″)
Jack size:31*15*14.5cm(12.2″*5.9″*5.7″)
Jack weight: 4.7kg
Plastic box size:L36*W22*H18cm(14.2″*8.7″*7.1″)
For Electric Inflator Pump:
Air Flow: 9.2 gal/min (35 L/min)
Max Pressure: 10 BAR/150 PSI
Hose Length: 25.6 in. (0.65m)
Current: 10A


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